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Medical Clinic in Mundgod

Many refugees coming from Tibet experience difficulties with their health in the hot climate of India. They are prone to diseases which didn't exist in Tibet. Its difficult for them to obtain medical care due to difficulties with the language and due to the high costs of medical care.

Tibetan refugees often survive with a basic minimum level income, meaning they face serious difficulties when in need of medicine or medical treatment. Medical costs cannot be afforded, yet must be paid immediately if they wish to receive medical attention. There are no medical insurances. The additional difficulty is a loss of income and the inability to support their family during such times of illness when unable to work.

affordable medical care to Tibetan refugees   Medical care for Tibetan refugees

His Holiness the Dalai Lama continuously encourages the monasteries to help with the health and education of the Tibetan community. In this way Monasteries are providing a direct form of support to the welfare of Tibetans.

The Ganden Jangtse monastery in South-India operates a simple hospital clinic in the Tibetan refugee camp: the clinic now provides payable medical care where there was no form of care previously. The goal of the clinic is to provide a good medical option for the Tibetan community and the local Indian population in Mundgod .

"The clinic is running well. It helps monks and people from the local population for very low and modest fees. During the tsunami of 2004 and recently when there was an earthquake, the clinic provided assitance on the site where these disasters occurred. The clinic also built temporary emergency-tents at certain large events (e.g. during teachings of HH Dalai Lama) so that people could receive free medical help."
Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen

The construction of the clinic was completed in 2006.

For further information pleas visit the clinic's website:

Medical Buddha Clinic

The clinic staff consist of an Indian doctor, a dentist, a visiting specialist, two Tibetan nurses, 12 health workers and the administration is taken care of by volunteer work by monks. The clinic has a ward with 10 beds, various facilities such as ECG, x-ray equipment, etc. and also operates an own pharmacy.

The most important goals of the clinic:

  • The development of a multi-disciplinarian hospital with a modern content.
  • Free distribution of medicine to monks and nuns.
  • Medical treatment for community citizens for a modest and affordable sum.
  • The setting up of medical camps during times of epidemic outbreak.
  • Vaccination programmes and free eye cataract surgery for the local population.

The costs of operating a hospital are substantial. Your support is greatly needed!

If you wish to contribute to the clinic, please visit our Donations page.