Steun gevluchtte Tibetanen, vooral monniken en nonnen




Sponsoring Refugees

By sponsoring an individual Tibetan from a poor background, you will help him or her to attain basic needs such as food, shelter and education. Individual sponsorship of Tibetan refugees and needy children from the bordering regions (Himalaya) will support them by enabling them to create and maintain the necessary living and studying conditions to complete their education successfully.

" The children of refugees growing up in India mix their use of languages, using a mix of words from English, Hindi and Tibetan. They cannot speak Tibetan properly. The Tibetan language is hardly learnt by children of refugees in the West, and even in India and Tibet now the language education is very sparse. This means that younger generations cannot read or write well. Their knowledge of grammar, poetry and philosophy is also very basic. However the young monks and nuns do receive a very good education by contrast to other refugees, and so are able to keep this knowledge base preserved and in tact"
Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen.

monks learning

By supporting and sponsoring children within the monastic education system, one also plays a meaningful role in the preservation of the Tibetan language and culture.

How can you become a sponsor? The Tibetans most urgently in need of sponsorship are listed further below on this web page.

To become a sponsor you can undertake the following steps:

  • Choose a person to sponsor (if you wish you can contact us for assistance).
  • Decide on the (yearly/quarterly/monthly) amount you wish to sponsor. The minimum advice for individual sponsorship is € 200 per year, however € 300 is advised as ideal.
  • Provide Dhonden Foundation with your contact details.
  • Transfer the chosen sponsorship amount to the Dhonden Foundation's bank account.
    (the easiest manner is to setup an automatic transfer per month, quarterly or annually).
  • Your sponsorship is initiated as an ongoing donation, however you may request your sponsorship to be discontinued whenever you wish.

Dhonden Foundation will:

  • Transfer the entire amount yearly (our bank transfers are made either in July or in December).
  • Notify you each time Dhonden Foundation has transferred this yearly amount.
  • Send you a newsletter and a yearly statement of our financial records

Lobsang Yonten
Lobsang Yonten

Konchog Tsering
Konchog Tsering
Tenzin Lamsang
Tenzin Lamsang
Tenzin Choedak
Tenzin Choedak
Lobsang Puntsok
Tenzin Puntsok

These people do not have a family to support them, or they come from very poor families.

"The older monks who hold a teaching position, have the responsibility to ensure that all important areas of the young monks life within the community are taken care of. We find ourselves in the position where we increasingly need to try and raise funds for the poor monks whose own families cannot provide any financial support due to conditions of poverty. For this reason there is an increasing need to find sponsors from other countries such as the Netherlands, in order that the monks can complete their studies. Besides their formal buddhist education in studying buddhist texts, studying buddhist philosophy, the children also follow English and Hindi language lessons, in order to better prepare them for the society in which they will live after completion of their education."
Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen

Please contact us or visit the Donations page if you would like to sponsor one of these children.