Steun gevluchtte Tibetanen, vooral monniken en nonnen




Completed Projects

1. Construction of Tsawa Khamtsen monastic house

  Overview monks of Tsawa House

Newly constructed  Tsawa house in 2001
New construction of the Tsawa Khamtsen in 2001

In 2001, there was a waiting list for 100 applicants who wished to join the Tsawa Khamtsen monasic house. Although no funds were available at the time, it was decided to start building with borrowed money.

By the end of 2001 the new building was completed. The new residential building allows for a grouping of no more than three monks per room (previously there were up to 15 monks sharing a room). Because of this extra new space, new monks and applicants could be allowed to the community. The donations collected by the Dhonden Foundation resulted in a significant contribution towards payment of the mortgage. The financial burden could be gradually decreased under the slogan "every little bit helps".

2. Sponsored monks and nuns

For more information, see the page Tibetan refugees.

3. Tour of monks in the Netherlands end 2005/2009

During October and November 2005, and again in November and December 2008, a group of monks from Ganden monastery created a series of sand mandalas and gave lama-dance performances throughout the Netherlands. The entire organisation for this tour was done by volunteers of the Dhonden Foundation. The tour proved to be a great success in all respects; the many visitors were enthousiastic and the monks were able to collect a considerable amount of money for the Tsawa Khamtsen monasic house.

4. New building for Dranyi Khamtsen

   Monks of the Dranyi Kamtsen
Young tibetan and indian monks of the Dranyi Khamtsen.

Large Tibetan monasteries are divided into 'Khamtsen' or monastic residences/houses. In this system, the Dranyi Khamtsen is the part of Ganden Jangtse monastery for Tibetans from the Tibetan province Dranyi. Each house has residential buildings around the central prayer hall and is responsible for the daily care and education of the monks residing there.

Following the advice of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, it was decided to reorganise the Dranyi Khamtsen establishment. A new building was bought for 42 million Rupees (about €700.000), of which only 5 million was available. This high mortgage meant there was a heavy burden for the new residential house to carry, especially considering it had not yet established sufficient methods of generating its own income and fundraising activities. As Dranyi Khamtsen was very new, it had little possibility to create income or find funding, and the high mortgage was a heavy burden fot the house. Currently, over 150 monks live in the house.