Steun gevluchtte Tibetanen, vooral monniken en nonnen




Support Tibetan Refugees in Need

Dhonden Foundation helps Tibetan refugees in need and supports the preservation of theTibetan language and Buddhist culture.

tibetan outside prayer hall
monks learning

By contributing to the projects of Dhonden Foundation, you provide practical support to Tibetan refugees in need. For example, provision of food and medical care to the poor. Dhonden Foundation also strives to preserve the unique Tibetan culture. Your help is greatly needed!

We guarantee that every euro you contribute will arrive at the project you have chosen to support!
The foundation has no organisational costs - board members donate all such expenses themselves.

Donations to the Dhonden Foundation are tax-deductable in the Netherlands.

"Deep in our hearts we wish we could return to Tibet and that Tibet was free from repression, but that's not yet the case. So for the moment, it's imortant that we have education institutions in countries such as India, where most of us Tibetans that fled now live. These education institutions enable the rich culture of Tibet, the Tibetan language, and especially the wealth of Buddhist teachings to be kept alive and passed down in a lineage from master to pupil. In order to create the favourable and very necessary conditions in which we can continue to do this in India, we need help from the West. For this reason we initiate various projects that can generate funds, such as the lama dance performances in the West by visiting monks from India. This is all undertaken in order to generate funds that will create favourable conditions in the monastery houses in India, so that the children can continue with their studies. All of this enables the survival of the Buddhist teachings, whilst still in the back of our minds we hold on to the hope that we will be able to live again in peace and freedom in Tibet"
Geshe Sonam Gyaltsen